Neatly hidden away in a corner of the Barras Art and Design building, close to the iconic Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow's East End, you will find Crossbill Distillery, Gin School and Shop.

Crossbill Distilling is an established distiller with experience dating back to 2006. Gin production began in 2012 in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. In 2017, we relocated to our current location in the Barras, where we distil our range of award-winning, Handcrafted Scottish Gins. Our Gins are a celebration of Scottish nature, made with wild, fresh botanicals, harvested by hand then slowly macerated in Glasgow before being distilled.

Crossbill Gin School is devoted to crafting high-quality, intimate/personal gin experiences that captivate aficionados and novices alike. Holding a place among the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor for three consecutive years attests to our commitment to excellence. Welcoming both locals and tourists alike, our Gin School has become a popular destination where, under the watchful eye of our distiller, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the art of gin-making while creating lasting memories.

Our Gin School Experience include:

  • The Distilling Class, our most hands-on in-depth gin experience where you select your own botanicals before distilling them in a copper pot still.
  • The Blending Class, an action-packed couple of hours where you choose from a selection of pre-distilled botanical spirits with which you will then blend your own gin.
  • The Tasting Experience, where you learn more about the diverse range of flavours and styles of gin. You can join us for a Tasting session where our head distiller takes you on an unhurried journey through the Crossbill range of unique gin.
  • The Gin Tasting & Chocolate Pairing Experience, where you can join us for an unforgettable journey through the world of gin and the decadence of artisanal chocolate.