The Train Chartering Company

Ever considered taking the train to Glasgow?  In terms of sustainability it’s the way to go, moving up to several hundred people in one go and using electric traction on most of the UK mainlines. Here at The Train Chartering Company we specialise in arranging private charter trains and exclusive use carriages on behalf of our clients – we can also arrange group travel by train for you.

We have unique access to a huge variety of trains at varying pricing points.  These range from vintage Pullman trains to the ultra-modern express trains that currently run on the Anglo-Scottish routes.  Beside these we have access to ‘heritage’ trains, i.e. ex-mainline locos and carriages that are now deployed in operating weekend land cruises and excursions.  Many trains can also offer full dining options, many with silver service style waiting staff.  Of course, on a chartered train service you are with your staff or guests for the duration of the journey, so the trip can be extremely useful time for entertaining or doing some work – I know which I’d prefer!  You can also brand your carriages and train in line with your event for the full effect.

For those wanting to make a striking impression steam locomotives can also be arranged to haul your train.  Imagine a steam loco hauling your train into Glasgow Central, with the passengers alighting after a splendid lunch on the finest quality!

We offer free advice and planning and will share whichever options with you which may be of interest – we don’t bite, so why not give us a call or drop us an email?