At the 2023 Association of British Professional Conference Organisers - ABPCO Excellence Awards, Mosaic Events, Versus Arthritis, the UK Spine Societies Board and the Glasgow Convention Bureau won the award for Best Partnership for their combined efforts to deliver the Britspine 2023 Glasgow Back Health Day.

4 women looking at the camera, one holding and award

The team worked together to deliver a back health public event during the Britspine conference.

In Glasgow over 100,000 citizens live with musculoskeletal disorders that are one of the leading causes of disease and injury in Scotland. The event was promoted to improve information and give support to people experiencing back pain, especially for people in the workforce, where low back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders are among the leading causes of work disability, sickness absence and early exit from paid employment.

Glasgow welcomed the opportunity to engage with over 60 locals during Back Health Day to raise awareness of this important health issue.

Back Health Day 2023 - Overview

Award submission