We will deliver strategic destination marketing communications activity to meet our targets, by differentiating Glasgow, through the city brand PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW, communicating our unique product offering across key target markets at each stage of the customer journey.

“The key is helping people tell their story beyond Glasgow”

We will do this by:

Data and Insights

  • Utilising a data and insight driven process for customer segmentation, creative product and campaign development, and competitor and trend analysis
  • Developing a measurement framework to track, analyse, benchmark and inform activity

Audience Development 

  • Collaborative audience development will ensure Glasgow’s industries meet and exceed the needs of existing and potential visitors, help grow and sustain visitor numbers, and enhance the customer experience in the city
  • Harness the opportunities of constantly evolving digital technologies that will influence consumer behaviours and impact the growth of tourism to Glasgow
  • Develop compelling brand propositions to differentiate Glasgow across visitor, UK and target international markets
  • Proactive, open and collaborative content creation to engage, inspire and inform consumers
  • Deliver an agile, responsive and collaborative communications model to meet the evolving needs and behaviours of our always connected customers

Investing in People, Partnerships and Technology

  • Creating a Destination Marketing Network for collaborative partnership working
  • Knowledge transfer across marketing communications teams
  • Investment in marketing technologies and tools



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