Our people will always be at the heart of our industry, and as a result there will always be a need to support and develop those working and aspiring to work in tourism.

The strategic skills priorities were published in the Tourism Skills Investment Plan and have recently been refreshed together with an action plan released in 2016.

The refreshed priorities are:

• Improving management, leadership and enterprise skills across the sector

• Supporting the development of professional and digital skills for all in the sector

• Ensuring staff at all levels understand and are able to respond to visitor needs and expectations

• Raising the attractiveness of the sector

We are committed to investing in skills and training to promote start-ups, business growth and workforce developments that respond to fast evolving consumer behaviours and a rapidly changing digital landscape. Businesses across Glasgow will be supported with resources, programmes and processes in particular; strategic interventions in leadership development, internationalisation, innovation and digital transformation.

To deliver service excellence to our tourists and visitors, we must ensure we all have detailed product knowledge and information for our priority assets. Furthermore, new product or service developments that enhances city experiences, will be supported with targeted investment.

There are already many programmes in place to support businesses and foster entrepreneurship. It needs to be as easy as possible, for businesses to access the appropriate organisations and connect with the right support. Providers will work together to simplify and improve communications with businesses, audit what we do now and plug gaps in provision.

To bolster the Glasgow Guarantee, Developing the Young Workforce and Skills Development Scotland’s Skills Investment Plan, we will develop a Skills, Jobs and Business Charter, supported by agencies and industry.

Developed by all, the Charter will create a set of principles and approaches for targeted support for our tourism industry. Partners who sign up to the Charter will prioritise tourism as a sector. The Charter will strengthen relationships between businesses and support organisations, and link industry with schools, colleges and universities. It will prioritise investment in skills development and labour market programmes and will be informed by Higher and Further Education research on tourism policy development for employment in a smart city.


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