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By Euan Robb

Direct impact from UK Inbound

Alston Bar & Beef and Shilling Brewing Company were delighted to be invited to be part of a joint event with the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and UKinbound, where both businesses hosted a number of inbound tour operators for pre-dinner drinks and then dinner as well as attending a meet and greet session.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the individuals on the fam trip to enjoy the full experience of both venues as a customer, while the team, including those from Waxy O’Connor’s, got the chance to meet individual tour operations on a one to one basis so they could explain in more detail the key unique selling points of each business and how they are a great destination for group bookings.

Alston is proud to be everyone's little secret in the catacombs of Glasgow central station selling the best steak from the Tweed Valley in the Scottish Borders and well over 100 gins. It’s always amazing to showcase the bar and restaurant and give tour operators the chance to enjoy the full experience first-hand and the team were able to network and answer lots of questions regarding the concept.

Shilling Brewing Company had a very similar experience at it was fantastic to have such a captive audience where the team and brewer could explain the brewing process and give their guests the opportunity to try some of their beers from the source.

Alston Bar & Beef, Shilling Brewing Company and Waxy O’Connor’s have since taken a number of group bookings that have come direct from contacts made from the fam trip with an even greater number of enquiries so the event has been a success and all businesses are keen to become more involved with the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau in the future.

Euan Robb, Group Sales Manager, Glendola Leisure


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