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By Sallyann Tindall

Glasgow is Scotland’s REAL city

So many capital cities around the world are not a true reflection on the country within which they hold the crown. Paris is not really authentic France and Dublin is a watered down version of true Irish roots. And so in Scotland it is no different. The majestic beauty of Edinburgh Castle as it looks down across the city is unquestionable but the city that shouts out Scottish heritage, its people and all that is funny, beautiful, tasty, bonkers and wonderful about our country has to be Glasgow.

Capturing what makes Glasgow different has been important when looking at where to invest resources going forward and after listening to over 100 businesses we have prioritised our focus on developing experiences and skills in developing the assets of music and culture and shouting about our vibrant creative economy in the City. We are looking at ways to help businesses in the tourism and visitor economy sector be more productive, up skill digital capabilities, improve leadership skills and empower their staff. And we will continue to add to the investment already made in the Hydro to attract new hotels and keep Glasgow’s sporting, business and cultural venues world class.

The city partners want to increase visitor numbers from 2m to 3m by 2023 – an ambitious target but one which we believe is achievable given the optimism of our industry, the joint working across stakeholders and the talent and passion of our businesses, visitors, students and most importantly, those that live here.

I have been fortunate to be part of the Glasgow team which has been building up the plan for bringing new tourism and visitor investment into the city, for capturing and telling the stories and experiences of years gone by, for helping to bottle that pride and humour that this gritty, pretty city has in buckets through its wonderful people, experiences and venues. Glasgow is Scotland’s REAL city and I can’t wait for the next few years to deliver the plan with industry and partners, laugh along the way and keep the cone alive!

Sallyann Tindall, Project Manager, Scottish Enterprise



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