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By Andy Cuthbertson

Profit from Food Tourism

In this day and age of restaurants and bars on every street it’s important to stand out, especially for people visiting the city, customers are spoiled for choice these days and it’s easy to be overlooked for this week’s new restaurant.

For this year’s Glasgow Doors Open Days, in a week with nearly 200 open venues, we at the Anchor Line opted to stand out with our event and turn the entire restaurant in to a museum. We teamed up with local organisations like House for an Art Lover as well as National bodies like the British Film Institute and the National Library of Scotland to give people a museum experience in a restaurant setting. As with any successful event or project, they are rarely managed alone.

Collaboration and innovation are integral to standing out in today’s crowded market. We were invited to present at Glasgow City Marketing Bureau’s Food and Drink Tourism Innovation Workshop which was about just that. It brought together a range of food and tourism representatives from throughout Glasgow to meet people from the industry with proven success from innovative tourism ideas.

My fellow speakers at the event were Atholl Milton from Street Dots (the team behind the new street food court in Buchanan Galleries, Taste Buchanan), Ewan Henderson, Global Brand Ambassador from Crucial Drinks, Fiona Shepherd from Glasgow City Music Tours and Chris Moriarty, Brand Ambassador from Drygate Brewing Co.

From pop-ups, to experiential brewery tours there were some great ideas and personalities to feed off.

One of the big focuses of the day, was a workshop which encouraged the participants to think of their own ideas of collaborative projects that could help get their restaurant out there to visitors. Ale tastings, cooking experiences, masterclasses and food tours were among the ideas on the table and they weren’t just ideas, these were things that could be rolled out with a bit of hard work and quickly.

These kind of events are essential to the city.

We all want Glasgow to flourish and with this kind of support and input we can turn ideas made in a room in a brewery and turn them in to real bookable events that will set change what Glasgow can offer its tourists.

We can go beyond the museums and art galleries and give our tourists more than a good meal, with this kind of thinking and collaboration we can make every minute of a visitor’s trip to Glasgow an experience.

Andy Cuthbertson, Social Media Manager, Di Maggio's Restaurant Group


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