Discover how data can be used to drive business decisions.

Data gives businesses in the travel and tourism industry the foundation it needs to make innovative decisions. From accommodation to tour company providers, there’s potential for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to grow and improve productivity if they understand the value of data.

On this course, you’ll explore how data can be used to address business concerns. You’ll learn what data can reveal about customer behaviour and how this can help your business’ success. The course will introduce simple tools and technical support to help you introduce data practices in your own business.

What topics will you cover?
Week 1: The importance of data to your business
Week 2: Using data to make your business more robust
Week 3: How to improve business productivity through data
Week 4: Tools to help you make the most of your data
Week 5: Data beyond your own business - data collaboration

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When: 10th April to 31st May

Venue: Online

Price: Free

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Future Learn/Edinburgh Napier 

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