Event Date: 12/11/20

Event Times: 11:00 to 12:00

Price (£): Free

Venue: Online


Whether it’s Covid-19, Brexit, or anything else, there are so many variables that can affect your business. In these times we need to stay agile, learn how to pivot our strategies and adapt to new audiences and markets. Effectively using digital tools like Google Analytics can play a huge part in helping you to do this.

Saying that, this is not a webinar about Covid-19 or Brexit. This is about showing you how you can utilise free tools that can give you the most valuable information about your current digital performance and identify new opportunities.

Do you know where your website traffic comes from?

Do you wish you could find out more about your website visitors, so you can target them better?

You might be trying to find new customers – are they local? Elsewhere in the UK? Or potentially overseas?

This webinar will introduce you to the key metrics and data that you can draw from Google Analytics helping you form a more in-depth understanding of your customers and their online behaviour.


Introduction to Google Analytics – overview of key features
The importance of using GA properly and setting up your tracking
Key metrics to consider with Google Analytics (audience, acquisition, and behaviour)
Relating these metrics to your business goals – what does it really mean?

Organiser details:

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce