Events Date: 18/11/20

Events Times: 10:30 to 11:30

Price (£): Free

Venue: Online

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This webinar will give meaningful insights to an executive level and explore how to get more value from your data, become more operationally efficient and cost-effective.

Adam is co-founder and CEO of Bellrock Technology Ltd, a high-tech software company based in Glasgow. The company helps large organisations to exploit data, improve decision making and so increase productivity, safety and efficiency.

Adam’s background is in artificial intelligence, power and software engineering. He developed the first versions of Bellrock Technology’s analytics-as-a-service platform, Lumen®, whilst a Research Assistant at the University of Strathclyde. He co-founded the company in 2012 after winning the 2011 Converge Challenge, a national competition for research entrepreneurs, for its start-up plan.

He has led the company’s commercialisation efforts since then and helped it to secure funding to grow its team and productise Lumen®. The company currently supports a number of blue-chip UK energy utilities and is expanding internationally and into new market sectors.

Bellrock Technology provides high-tech software that helps the industry monetise and deliver analytics innovation. It supports companies wishing to make better use of real-time data to manage valuable equipment and processes.

Its Lumen® smart delivery platform reduces the time, risk and cost of producing live analytics applications that support operational decision makers. Lumen delivers these across all devices and intelligently links analytics with relevant data so that innovation can be delivered to users quickly, without costly IT integration.

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Glasgow Chamber of Commerce