The Glasgow Tourism Partnership is pleased to announce that we will be working with Toposophy to refresh the city’s Tourism and Visitor Plan to 2030 to support Glasgow in becoming a sustainable, inclusive, and accessible destination, and to build upon the significant amount of work that has already been done in this area in recent years. 

Toposphy’s approach will be based on thorough research, benchmarks from leading global cities, and extensive consultations with Glasgow’s residents and the industry to ensure their voices are properly reflected in the final output. Glasgow Life and its key partners (VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise, Greater Glasgow Hotels Association and Glasgow’s Leading Attractions) with support from Glasgow Airport, will be working closely with will be leading on the formulation of the new Plan.  

This project is our second time that Glasgow partners have worked with Toposophy. During 2019-2020, we were pleased to work with them on reviewing and refreshing Glasgow Tourism and Visitor Plan 2017-2023, reflecting local ambition and the strength of the city’s distinct cultural assets, in line with national tourism policy priorities. 

The strategy recommendations had two guiding principles at their heart: sustainability and shared responsibility (a team approach, collaboration and active industry participation). The project gave us all a thorough appreciation of Glasgow’s biggest tourism assets, and what could be done to leverage these more effectively in the future.  

As the city looks ahead, a wider variety of actions is now needed to support Glasgow as a world-class sustainable tourism, events and conference destination, and we are excited to be begin this strategic work again.   

What the strategy process will entail: 

  • Analysis of policy frameworks, actions and progress to date  
  • Benchmarking review of global best practice 
  • Interviews and workshops with decision makers
  • Citizen, youth and industry consultations
  • Production of a Strategy to 2030 and Action Plan 
  • Integrated actions on sustainability and inclusion
  • Governance recommendations 

Toposophy has delivered a number of strong projects and plan in Scotland to date including; the Scotland Outlook 2030 Action Plan, National Tourism Recovery Recommendations, Destination Net Zero Action Plan, Edinburgh 2030 Tourism Strategy and several others. Read more about their work in Scotland.

For more information, please contact Anna Young, Senior Tourism Manager for Glasgow Life [email protected]