Zero waste is a journey not a one-off event, it requires an iterative approach and continual improvements at your venue or business. As there is no singular magic solution, there is a need to tailor solutions to each business. The key is to take a stepwise, data-driven approach. Here are 5 steps you can take to meet your business’s zero waste goals:


  1. You cannot manage what you haven’t measured

The first step in any zero waste journey is identifying what waste streams you are generating and quantifying them. Categorising and measuring your waste allows you to not only identify ways to improve your environmental performance, but also potential cost savings, resource efficiency and new sources of revenue.


  1. Find out where your waste is going

If you do not know where your waste is going, how do you know what impact it is having on the environment? Once you have measured your waste and know exactly WHAT you are throwing away, it is valuable to gain an understanding of WHERE your waste goes once it leaves your building.


  1. Follow the waste hierarchy

With a clear picture of the ‘WHAT?’ and ‘WHERE?’ of your waste, you can now find sustainable solutions for each of your waste streams. The waste hierarchy is a valuable tool that helps to identify which solutions will maximise environmental and cost savings. Avoiding and reducing waste should always be prioritised, followed by recycling, energy recovery, and lastly disposal.


  1. Set targets

Having identified sustainable solutions for your waste streams, you can set achievable targets that align to your sustainability goals. The baseline you created by measuring your waste can be used as your starting point to gauge the improvements and savings from implementing new solutions.


  1. Track your performance

You now have a baseline to measure against and targets to strive towards, so the only missing link is the data to fill the gap. By accurately recording the volumes of each waste stream and grade, you can seamlessly track your environmental performance and continuously identify improvements.


Don’t Waste can guide you throughout each step in your zero waste journey. Get in touch if your business is looking to effectively comply and report on your waste streams.