Let’s Celebrate Service Excellence

Send us your multimedia stories of service excellence and we’ll give you great PR:

Deadline for submissions for the SUMMER Business Recognition Award is 31 august 2019

  • Your story will be featured in front of your peers at a GW Champions Event, our gathering for leaders of Glasgow’s leading-edge businesses
  • At the Champions event, you and your team will receive a certificate of Recognition from our Chair – an excellent photo opportunity!
  • Your story will be publicised via our social media channels and those of our partners, including People Make Glasgow and VisitScotland.


Show us how you and your team have implemented insights from both GW service excellence staff training and GW leadership support to deliver outstanding service excellence.

We’re looking for evidence of tangible results:

  • What innovative changes did you made to achieve service excellence?
  • How did the visitor experience improve? Any testimonials?
  • What were the benefits to your business and staff? To Glasgow as a destination?
  • Who of your staff was involved?
  • How have you recognised your staff for their contribution?
  • What are your plans for continuous improvement?

We welcome in particular stories relating to the key themes of Glasgow's Tourism and Visitor Plan to 2023: Accessibility; young people/recruitment/retention/careers; music; heritage; digital. 


Get creative! You can use any medium to tell your story: video, podcast, story with photos, testimonials, etc.

This is a great opportunity to involve young people in your business to tell your story in a creative way that will capture attention.

Submit your entry for the Summer Business Recognition Award by 31 August 2019.   

Email your stories to [email protected].

Case Studies from winners of the GW Business Recognition Award can be found here

We look forward to celebrating your success together! 


The small print:

  • Your success story must have a clear link with your participation in Glasgow Welcomes initiatives, workshops and/or events. You need to have participated in at least one GW leadership support activity and at least one member of staff needs to have undertaken GW service excellence staff training. 
  • With a focus on people, your story should include demonstrable and quantifiable evidence of success.
  • You can submit a story for an initiative which you have successfully developed and implemented within your business during the last year.
  • You can be recognised if you are a Greater Glasgow businesses in any sector of tourism/hospitality, large and small, provided you have a direct interface with visitors. This includes accommodation, bars and restaurants, venues, attractions, transport and retail.
  • You can submit more than one story, for different initiatives within your business.
  • A panel of Glasgow Welcomes will review your story to check that it meets the criteria set out above and tells a compelling story which will inspire other businesses. Feedback will be provided. The decision of the panel is final.



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