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Mid-term Review

Mid-term review

The Glasgow Tourism and Visitor Plan was prepared in 2016 following extensive engagement and consultation with industry and key stakeholders. It was launched in early 2017 with a timeline through to 2023. In early 2020 a mid-term review was undertaken to assess progress to date and to identify adjustments to ensure achievement of the overall ambition.

Consultants were appointed to undertake the review which included stakeholder consultation (workshops and 1:1 interviews) with a range of public and private sector organisations in the city as well as evidence provided by partners. 

The review concluded that Glasgow has made good progress in meeting its targets. Glasgow’s overall performance as a leisure destination has seen an improvement in recent years, largely due to the strong growth in international leisure visitors. In addition, the themes originally identified remain reflective of the city’s strengths. 

A number of recommendations were identified in the report including; the adoption of a refreshed strategic approach; the development of an action plan; revised management and delivery structure; and wider participation and engagement with the tourism industry.

Click here to read the Executive Summary for more information 

The revised strategic approach until 2023 is based on the mid-term review and the new national tourism strategy Scotland Outlook 2030 and identifies four strategic priorities:

  1. Sharing our cultural city
  2. Developing innovative and competitive products and services
  3. Supporting seamless journeys [wayfinding, ease of navigation, bookability, accessibility]
  4. Building on events [by encouraging visitors to stay longer and explore the city]

Read about the activity that's been delivered throughout 2021 and 2022 to deliver the Action Plan in our recent update (published March 2022). 

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