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Accessible Glasgow

Accessible Glasgow

Glasgow has an ambition to be recognised as an Accessible Destination by 2023.

There are many good reasons for businesses to think about accessibility or inclusive tourism, not least of which is the bottom line. The demand for accessible tourism is growing and provides a major opportunity for businesses.

It is not just a ‘nice to do’ but takes in the practical, often simple requirements of a broad range of visitors including people with hearing, sight or mobility needs, senior travellers and families with young children.

There are good financial reasons for considering inclusive tourism:

  • Disabled travellers and senior travellers spend significantly more when they go on holiday than other market groups.
  • Inclusive businesses have higher occupancy rates and a more loyal customer base
  • The market is set to increase as the UK’s population ages.

There are simple steps that you can take to make your business more inclusive. 

54% of people with access requirements will avoid you if they can't find accessibility information about your business - use VisitScotland's free, quick and easy tool to create your bespoke access guide for your business and take the first steps in ensuring your business provides a warm welcome to all.

72% of disabled customers are more likely to visit new places if they feel welcomed by staff or venues appears to care about accessibility. Glasgow Convention Bureau and city partners run training and awareness sessions for hospitality and tourism staff in relation to conferences coming to the city where attendees are living with the condition. Making sure staff and managers in your venue are trained and confident in inclusive tourism will make a huge difference to your customer service.

Downs Syndrome Video
Video transcript for Downs Syndrome

VisitScotland are currently working on an Accessible Tourism Training Certificate and are currently moving their online training programme to another website and due to the current situation with Coronavirus, the site will not be ready until the end of April. In the meantime if you have any questions about their training programme, please email [email protected]

To find out more about Glasgow's accessible city click read our People Make Glasgow Welcome online magazine.

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